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Bagels - get ready for your close-up...

I've been enjoying delving further into the world of food photography this year, there's something very satisfying about getting that perfect shot that makes the food I've made look as good as its tastes (or better!).

A good friend offered me the use of her lighting softbox to see how the difused light can enhance a food picture. I spent the morning making a batch of homemade bagels and headed over with a basketful, Little Red Riding Hood-style, for some photography and lunch.

This is the first time I've ever made an "Everything" topped bagel, as I've never been a big fan of Onion Bagels. I was pleasently surprised with the results, using a mixture of sesame seeds, my trusty trendy chia seeds and chopped dried onions, which toasted nicely during the baking process and made the kitchen smell fantastic. It also really stands out in a bagel photograph.

I did have a second reason to make bagels today, and that was to try the alfalfa I've been growing as part of the 10 Day bioSnacky Sprouter Challenge. I'm on Day 7 of my grow now, and the alfalfa is perfectly grown for sandwiches.

There's no way I like Alfalfa better than stuffed inside a bagel with mayo and slices of cheese. The sprouts I grew in the bioSnacky container in my kitchen throughout the past week did not disappoint, and I was hard-pressed to get a picture of two snapped before we moved on to devouring the subject of my photo session.

Thanks for letting me play with photography and lighting today, Jessica. It's great to have a friend you can pay for help in bagels and sprouts!

Check out how the bioSnacky Challenge is going by searching the hashtag #bioSnackySprouts on Twitter and Facebook. Three days left in the challenge, and I've got a ton of sprouts to eat and some recipes to share coming soon.





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Those bagels look better than any local coffee shops do! And great photography. You are doing awesome.