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Creating your own edible small space garden

May 22, 2014

Can we finally officially call it spring across the country? I know we've had it easy on the west coast as snow persisted across much of Canada, but the great white north is finally melting back to a soft spring green hue, so it's time to start thinking about getting some edible plants growing at home.

You don't need a gigantic garden to get started growing your own food at home. I recently wrote an article on small space edible gardening for Food Bloggers of Canada which has lots of tips to get you started including:

Where to plant, including alternatives like vertical and container gardening

What to plant, considering the kinds of veggies and cuisine you like to eat when planting

Tips for choosing plants that will grow well in your local climate and in the space you have to work with

Planting seeds versus seedlings for maximum crop yields

Don't forget herbs and edible flowers!

To read more about creating your own edible small space garden this year, click the lettuces above to read my Food Bloggers of Canada article, then get growing!

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