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Early morning dew on Strawberries

I took a mug of coffee out into my garden this morning and discovered all my newly planted strawberries artistically dotted with dew. 

Although I am a life-long lover of berries of all sorts, I've never actually grown any of my own until this year. Some good friends had to hack out all their baby strawberry plants in their own garden this spring, as the little ones were choking out the bigger plants. They kindly saved all the transplants so I could start my own berry patch and a few weeks later, everything is starting to grow right outside my window.

I had no idea until today how the serrated leaves of the strawberry plant catch the moisture in the night air in such a beautiful way. Amazing.

Only another month or so until my first home-grown strawberries are ready to eat. The recipe experimentation is going to be delicious...

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