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Stop the madness and eat ugly vegetables!

We are lucky to have such a vast variety of fruits and vegetables in our North America grocery stores and markets. Perfect, ripe, shining produce with eye appeal to help convince you to buy it as far as the eye can see.

But what about the ugly, rejected ones? The weirdly shaped vegetables? The funny looking fruits? If they taste the same, why the hell aren't we buying them? Do they deserve nothing better than the trash bin only for looking a little different?

I say no! Soups, jams, juices, salads, sauces and curries can't tell if your veg & fruit are pretty or ugly, as long as they're ripe and ready to eat.

French supermarket chain Intermarche has gotten wise to the ugly fruit & veg rejection issue. They have created an in-store Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables section with fresh but funny-looking choices at lower prices, as well as soups and fresh juices made with unpleasant to look upon yet palate-pleasing produce.

Now break the 'pretty produce' cycle, go forth and seek out some of those ugly fruits and vegetables in your own grocery store and market.

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