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Fresh Tomato and Sweet Bell Pepper Salsa

We're well into summer now and it's a great time to eat ripe, fresh veggies raw instead of cooked. This Fresh Tomato & Sweet Bell Pepper Salsa is easy to prepare with no cooking or canning, packed with antioxidents, vitamins and is completely fat-free. The entire ingredients list is in the bowl pictured above (yep, just five ingredients and a dash of sea salt), and can be whipped up quickly for a summer BBQ and lasts for a week in the fridge.

I've used fresh Windset Farms Allegro Tomatoes on the Vine along with three different colours of Windset Sweet Bell Peppers for this recipe. Choose your favourite variety of ripe tomatoes and bell peppers to suit your taste. As there's no cooking involved in this salsa, the fresh veggies will marinate in a combination of lime juice, herbs and their own natural juices, retaining a nice crunch and extra sweetness from the bell peppers and lots of fresh tomato flavour.

Making huge batches of canned salsa can be a bit intimating sometimes, so this refrigerated fresh salsa is a nice alternative with no extra cooking or canning steps to follow. And it's interesting to see that you can get quite a lot of salsa out just a two pound package of tomatoes and three bell peppers. My latest batch is heading for my cooler to bring camping with a big group of girls this weekend.

Notes on ingredients: This recipe calls for shallots rather than red onion, as the shallots give this salsa an unique kick (but feel free to use fine-diced red onion instead). When selecting your garlic for this salsa, try to buy the freshest, most local garlic you can find (rather than that dried out, flavourless imported garbage) as good garlic makes great salsa. For herbs - use fresh cilantro leaves if you're a cilantro fan, or try adding a little chopped fresh basil which will give this salsa a 'bruchetta twist' in flavour.

You may notice there's no 'heat' in this salsa, making it accessible for many different ages and tastes, perfect for parties and family BBQs. If you're a heat fan, add a finely chopped jalapeno pepper to the tomatoes and bell peppers, or add few shots of hot sauce or srirracha to each jar and stir before refrigerating.


Fresh Tomato and Sweet Bell Pepper Salsa

2 pound container of Vine Ripened Tomatoes

3 large Sweet Bell Peppers

2 shallots

1 large garlic clove.

1 lime

Sea Salt to taste

Fresh cilantro (optional)

Chunky Salsa: Begin by washing, coring and chopping all your tomatoes and peppers into bite-sized pieces and placing the chopped veggies in a large bowl. Fine dice the shallot, crush and fine chop the garlic, and fine chop the cilantro and add. Squeeze in the juice of the lime, stir then add sea salt to taste. (You can make Chunky Salsa in your food processor too, but hand chopping lets you decide the size you'd like the chunks to be)

Smooth Salsa: Begin by washing, coring and chopping all your tomatoes and peppers into chunks and placing the chopped veggies in a food processor or large bowl for hand blender use. Fine dice the shallot, crush and fine chop the garlic, and fine chop the cilantro, add. Squeeze in the juice of the lime, stir then add sea salt to taste. Use hand blender or food processor to pulse the mixture several times until the salsa is to your desired texture (don't over-process by going too quickly or for too long, pulse and check).

Ladle the fresh salsa and juices into your clean glass jars, wipe rims clean, add lids and close firmly. Then into the fridge they go and you're done.


Disclosure: Windset Farms has provided me with fresh vegetables for review and recipe creation, I have not been compensated for this post and all product opinions are my own.

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