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Fried Green Confessions

I have a confession. A tomato-related confession. I just don't get what everyone loves about fried green tomatoes.

This is somewhat frustrating for someone who has a glut of green tomatoes coming out of my kitchen garden each year. Last year I successfully made a fabulous Green Tomato & Tomatillo Salsa Verde, and this year I've been having great luck with different versions of Indian-spiced Green Tomato Lentil Dahl (recipe coming soon).

But as for those delectable looking, crisply browned slices - I've never eaten one that makes me say "Oh! So this is what all the fuss is about!". Granted, since my few restaurant orders and homemade attempts at discovering a good Fried Green Tomato recipe have been such greasy, flavourless duds, I've stopped bothering to seek out the item on menus and have stuck to creating other things with my tomatoes that don't make it to the juicy ripe red stage.

So I wonder - what is all the fuss about? Fried Green Tomatoes have been made famous in movies, in cookbooks and on classic menus around North America. What the heck am I missing?

I'd love to hear what you think - what makes a perfect fried green tomato? What's the best recipe, breading choice, frying technique? Where were you when you ate your personal best FGT?

Please share your comments and links below and help change this food blogger's mind about those famous green slices.

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