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Gift Ideas - Ultra-cool & functional wine 'enhancers'

As one of many amateur wine explorers out there, I am happy to both give and receive interesting and useful wine-related gifts for any holiday. This Christmas, I've got my eye on two wine gadgets, one that I'm giving and the other that sits at the top of my list for Santa.

Nuance Wine Finer:

I was first introduced to the Nuance at Bonitas Winery in Summerland, BC when I stopped in for a wine tasting and noticed the unique spout they were using in their bottles. The owner explained that it was actually an aerator as well as a spout called the Nuance Wine Finer and my interest was instantly peaked. I'd been using a Vinturi Wine Aerator up until that point, but could see right away that the Nuance had convenience and bonus features that the Vinturi did not.

Unlike other aerators which need to be held over the glass while wine is poured through them, the Nuance slides directly inside the bottle, where it simultaneously filters air through the wine to enhance flavour and aroma while straining out any sediment, keeping it in the bottle and out of your glass. The great spout design makes for easier pouring and the included fitted stopper seals the bottle very well between glasses.

I've had my Nuance for over a year now, it has travelled to many local wine tasting parties and picnics, and done great work at home too. It's available all over Canada, and is very reasonably priced around $30. To find your nearest retailer, visit Nuance Wine Finer.

Side note: If you're visiting the Okanagan, stop by Bonitas Winery in Summerland and pick up their Eye-Candy Viognier to pair with cheeses, and Vino Tinto for your next BBQ. I found the Tinto goes great with ribs and steaks.

Corkcicle Wine Chiller:
The other wine accessory I'm eyeballing this holiday season made both Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bags 2012 Gift List and Oprah's Favourite Things 2012, and now it's on my list too.

The Corksicle is a freezable (and re-freezable) wine bottle insert that, like the Nuance, slides right inside your bottle to chill your wine to the perfect temperature. It also looks totally cool, and I can't deny wanting it partially for that reason. But the handiness and ease of getting the perfect temp for your wine without fiddling with ice and buckets is what really makes it a winner for me, and I can't wait to try it. Corkcicles are available online and ship to Canada at the Corkcicle Store.

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