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How to save tomato seeds

I came across an heirloom tomato farmer at the Penticton Farmer's Market selling a beautiful variety of heirloom tomatoes grown in the area. I asked him if he had any advice for saving my own seeds and he gave immediately offered me and other market shoppers an impromptu demonstration of how to prepare tomato seeds in fall to save for the upcoming spring.

I took his advice with a roma tomato plant last year and the seeds from the one tomato I saved gave me eight huge, well producing plants this year. This summer, along with the magical romas, I planted eight different varieties of tomatoes. After an unseasonably cool spring and summer, Vancouver Island finally had some nice hot days in late summer and fall, and my late tomatoes all ripened. I've followed this video's advice on how to save the seeds from my favourite varieties and we'll see what happens next spring.

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