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Growing oyster mushrooms at home, Day 4

As I mentioned in my last kitchen garden post, I have finally decided to try out the Grow Your Own Oyster Mushroom kit I got back in June at Eat Write Retreat. There are lots of these little boxes popping up in stores across North America, and I've been very curious to see how one works at growing a mini crop of oyster mushrooms in my office window.

The kit comes complete with a grow frame (the box), a spore-filled brick of prepped soil and a little spritzer bottle to keep the mushrooms moist as they grow.

To start the mushrooms growing, all I had to do was open the front flap, cut a cross-hatch in the plastic film covering the soil, scrape off the white layer (not sure why, instructions just say to do it, assume it has something to do with activating spores?). Then it was only a matter of soaking the soil for 12 hours, then setting it back in the frame in a sunny window and spritzing with water everyday.

Having subsequently watched some other reviewers videos of their own mushroom grow, I see that I got a little over enthusiastic about removing the plastic, others have left it on to have a tighter grow area. Will see if this affects my final products. There's a great time-laspse video of someone's grow here.

After four days of growth, there are now tiny mushrooms popping out all over the exposed soil. I must admit, I forgot to water it this weekend as  I was busy Halloween partying, but the foggy/moist Vancouver Island weather seems to have picked up my slack and kept everything growing.


There are thousands of tiny mushrooms appearing now. I'm interested to see which ones 'win' the fight to grow to full size.


A nice added touch with this mushroom growing kit is the fact that after one side has been grown and harvested, you can just flip the soil brick the other way to grow the other side, so double the mushrooms can be grown from one kit, which is nice. I like a multi-use product, feels like you're really getting your moneys' worth.

I'll post another update as these window-side fungi start getting close to eating size. I am thinking some new oyster mushroom recipes might be in my future too...

To learn more about growing your own mushrooms at home, visit Back to the Roots.

Disclaimer: I received this Back to the Roots Mushroom Growing Kit at the Eat Write Retreat conference for review, but have not been compensated for this post and all product opinions are my own.

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I love this post! I have always been curious about these kits, so I'm anxious to see/read about the progress.


Awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience...can't wait to get your next update! By the way, where'd you get a mushroom kit in BC?!?