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Springtime Pickled Beet & Egg Spinach Salad

This just might be the most colourful, flavourful salad I've ever made - an Easter-themed spinach salad recipe with pickled beets and eggs from Ricardo Magazine and

Ricardo Larrivee is, of course, one of Canada's culinary heroes and his magazine Ricardo and website Ricardo Cuisine are filled with eye-popping food photograph and mouth-watering recipes. Already a success in Quebec, an English print version of Ricardo magazine is now available across Canada.

When the Ricardo team reached out and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing a recipe from their online extensive Ricardo Recipe Easter Collection on Devour & Conquer, I was tempted by many tasty-looking choices, but couldn't resist giving the so-very-Easter-y Spinach, Beet and Pickled Egg recipe a go.

This salad is made up of two recipes, one to pickle the eggs and beets, and another to prepare the salad and dressing. The Pickled Beets and Eggs recipe is totally simple and quite fun actually, just some boiling and peeling of beets and eggs and quick preparation of a pickling brine, then it's into the jars for a 24 marinating session which also dyes the eggs.

Because I was focusing this recipe around Easter festive dining, I decided expand a bit on Ricardo's recipe to take advantage of two colours of beets and make three different hues of egg and beets for my salad. I used golden beets for yellow-dyed eggs, a combination of golden and red for pink eggs and pink-dyed beets, and red beets for purple-dyed eggs.

The dying/pickling technique works great and the 24 hour rest time with the beets help the brine soak into the eggs, creating a colourful ombre and flavouring the eggs with a spicy, vinegar-y twang. Ricardo's brine recipe calls for mustard and celery seed, and I added a dash of mixed pickling spices and reduced the sugar a little in the recipe as I like a zingy pickle.

Ricardo Cuisine's Spinach, Beet and Pickled Egg Salad recipe includes a recipe for a Dijon Chive Vinaigrette. I decided to use my hand blender to emulsify the vinaigrette and it transformed in a creamy, chive-speckled dressing. A small note -  one ingredient I think I will replace in the dressing is the white wine vinegar, and use fresh lemon juice instead next time. There's already a lot of vinegar in the pickled beets and eggs, and lemon would pair nicely with the fresh chives without making the dish too vinegar-heavy.

This salad plates up beautifully for a large, family-style salad for a big festive dinner or with individual beet & egg slices garnished up for a lunch salad for one. I had a lot of fun both making and plating this Easter/Springtime spinach salad, the flavour and theme was on point, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of Ricardo's recipes in the future.

To start planning your Easter festive menu, visit Ricardo's Easter Recipe Collection.

Disclosure: I have been provided with a subscription to Ricardo Magazine for review, but have not been compensated for this post and all recipe opinions are my own.

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I love this so much! I am going to use it for our Easter Sunday dinner. I love pickled beet eggs and we all like spinach salad. Thanks for sharing.


I love Ricardo's recipes and your adaptation of this salad is gorgeous - perfect for Easter!


It is such a beautiful dish to put on an Easter brunch table! It is definitely something to try out!


i love your adaptation of adding color to the salad! It is beautiful! Would definitely wow on any Easter table. I've also been working with Ricardo's recipe and been totally impressed! My French Canadian grandmother has been a long time fan of his and has definitely throw in a few a told you he was great comments ;)


This is so beautiful! I'm pinning it and plan to make it next weekend :) Thanks for the inspiration.