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Pizza will never be "Meh"

The New York Times is dealing with what they obvious find to be an entertaining public and online backlash after putting pizza on their 'Meh' list on January 24th. Here's the original list:

1. “Hope you are staying warm”*
2. Pressing # when finished
3. Spin class
4. Troy Aikman
5. “Ghazi” as a suffix
6. Pizza

Somewhat silly and irrelevent as far as I'm concerned. It was the follow-up New York Times blog post from yesterday that actually got me irritated. In the post "Yes, We Believe That Pizza is Meh", Willy Staley writes a somewhat tongue-in-cheek confirmation of the New York Times' position on the matter. He then supports his argument of "Meh-ness" by debasing the concept of pizza down the lowest common denominator, Chuck E Cheese, saying:

"Pizza is right at home here in a suburban strip mall because pizza, like a strip mall, is fundamentally meh — good, but rarely great; fine, but seldom bad. As such, it found a home on this weekend’s Meh List, joining the ranks of all that is beneath our regard."

You liked pizza when you were 5, because pizza — like anything a 5-year-old likes (baseball cards, shoe-tying, garbage trucks) — is inherently meh. It’s basically bread with cheese and sauce on it, and maybe some other stuff. It’s like a sandwich with fewer ingredients and less topological complexity. Or maybe nachos, but more contiguous. Go ahead and eat pizza (it usually tastes good!), but it is now, officially, unworthy of being discussed.

Well, pizza will never join 'the ranks of all that is beneath my regard', as I see it much differently and will continue finding it worth of discussion. That's not to say there's not many terrible pizzas out there in the world, but there are also incredible ones that you never forget.

Does Willy make his own pizza at home? I doubt it from the piece, and it certainly doesn't gel with my own experience. Making a pizza entirely from scratch at home - kneading the dough, simmering the sauce, carefully prepping choice toppings - is a great way to experiment with new foods and create unique recipes and traditions specific to your own family's tastes.

I look at pizza as a canvas for creativity and yes, sometimes as a comfort food I've loved since I was 5 and continue loving to this day. But meh? Never.

Now go make this Portabella Garlic White Pizza which tastes the opposite of meh.

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I can understand a 'meh' due to the over saturation out there with pizza, but the disregard for the variety and personalization a perfect homemade slice can have makes me think these people tried to eat their last slice while it was still too hot, thus destroying their taste buds from that point on.