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Snakes & Lettuce

I mentioned on the Devour & Conquer Facebook Page the other day that I was happy to see that a local Garter snake that was considering adopting my garden as home. I went out to do some weeding today, and there she was (no idea if it's male or female, but she looks like a 'she' for some reason and has been named Slithery).

I quietly slipped back into the garden with my camera and snapped a few pictures of Slithery in her new home. It's been rainy and grey on Vancouver Island for a while, but the sun has finally begun to shine. As the mid-afternoon heat reached its peak, Slithery had splayed out her coils through my carrrot patch while using a lettuce leaf as a beach umbrella.

I've been 'pro-snake' my whole life, I find them fascinating and really wanted to buy a mini albino corn snake as a pet when I was little (never did tho - the $100 price tag helped). My non-snake fear must be hereditary because my son has always loved them too. I'll never forget him getting the chance to touch a python at the zoo when he was four years old. As the other kids huddled close to their moms, my son walked right over to the snake handler, stroked the huge snakes' scales, then leaned down and kissed it on the head and said "Hi Snake!". The cries of horror from other other moms were hilarious, but Andy didn't even notice, being so pleased to meet a snake for the first time.

Garter snakes are sweet, gentle and shy creatures which can be a great asset to a kitchen garden. They eat insects and rodents, and thankfully for my wet, west coast garden, they eat SLUGS! They do no harm to veggie plants, native vegitation and landscaping and are not poisonous. I've left a few log piles around my property to make sure there are places for them to live, and hope that Slithery stays all summer to keep my veggie plants slug-free.

To learn how to make your own garden and backyard more helpful snake-friendly, check out this article.



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