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Tea Sparrow Review, Discount and Giveaway

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love getting things by mail. When I was little I always wanted to be the one checking our mailbox when the little red flag popped up (ah, days gone by when we all had a mailbox of our own). As an adult with the vast majority of my work being done in front of a screen or an oven, there's something so delightfully retro about getting excited about a fun mystery package arriving in the mail.

Understanding people like me who love to try new foodie things by mail, savy Vancouver-based company Tea Sparrow has created a tea-by-mail subscription service with four unique loose leaf teas mailed to your door once a month. The selections are carefully chosen from tea blenders and tea purveyors around the world, giving subscribers the opportunity to try a wide variety of teas without the leg work it would take to find them on your own.

An on-going monthly subscription is $20, or you can purchase 1 month, 3 month or 6 month prepaid subscriptions and all pricing includes free shipping anywhere in Canada and the continental US. There's also a discount code for 60% off at the bottom of this post so you can try out Tea Sparrow for yourself and a giveaway to win your very own box!

I was really excited to try out Tea Sparrow's February box, which was themed around Valentine's with 'romantic' tea blends. I was also curious to hear other people's impressions of the four very different varieties, so I brought the teas over to a girl's afternoon get-together with my friends and we had an informal tea tasting while we visited.

The four teas from the February Tea Sparrow Box were: Organic White Rose White Tea from Numi Organic Tea, Strawberry Champagne Green Tea from Tea DesireOrganic Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea from Rishi Tea and Organic Chai Rooibos Herbal Tea from Gathering Place Trading Company on BC's Cortes Island.

The Organic White Rose white tea was beautiful to look and had a very subtle flavour. A peaceful tea that might be a little bland for some, but was a nice way to wake up our palates for tea tasting.

The Strawberry Champagne came next, a bright and tropical-scented green tea that has a beautiful golden Champagne colour when poured, and a gentle green flavour with no bitterness. This would a lovely afternoon or dessert tea with all its sweet flavours.

We then moved on to the Organic Lavender Earl Grey and we could tell this one was a winner as soon as the water hit the leaves, sending up a gorgeous aroma of bergamot with wisps of blooming lavender. And it tasted even better than it smelled, smooth and full-flavoured with just the right amount of lavender to give the Earl Grey a twist without making it taste too floral. I would follow this tea anyway and I am totally going to buy more - a clear win for Tea Sparrow as 12 women with varying tastes all agreed this tea was amazing and we are all thrilled we were introduced to it.

Our last tea was the Organic Chai Rooibos created on BC's Cortes Island not too far from me with an african tea blend I am less familiar with. In fact, the last time I tried a random Rooibos tea I didn't like it and have been avoiding ever since, so this was a good opportunity for me to see if I'd been missing out. The Chai Rooibos showed me I've been wrong to stop trying this kind of tea, brewing to a beautiful sunset orange hue with a spicy zing of ginger and chai spices paired with a bright flavour which I can now properly identify as Rooibos (pronouced "Roy-bos"). There's a nice story about how Gathering Place Trading Company sources their Rooibos here.

After giving the teas a try and learning what Tea Sparrow is all about, I really think it's a great way to treat yourself to something special by mail every month, offering the opportunity to try all kinds of new teas from around the world. I also think that I'd probably tuck a few teas away (if I could resist) for giving as gifts to tea-loving friends throughout the year, another way Tea Sparrow is a handy subscription to have flying into your hands each month.

Tea Sparrow 60% off Discount Code

Want to try Tea Sparrow for yourself? Devour & Conquer is happy to share this 60% off discount code for your first month for all new monthly subscriptions (doesn't not include pre-paid 1,3,6 month pkgs). Use discount code: teas when signing up at

Tea Sparrow Giveaway!

Want to win your very own Tea Sparrow box, delivered right to your door? Enter the Devour & Conquer Tea Sparrow Giveaway and one lucky tea drinker will receive the March Tea Sparrow Box in their mailbox.

Just leave a comment sharing your current favourite tea blend and enter your email address in the rafflecopter giveaway below. Open to North America, giveaway ends Thursday, March 13th at noon. Your email address is not saved or shared, only used to contact the winner. Good luck!


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Disclaimer: I received a Tea Sparrow Tea Box for review, but have not been compensated for this post and all product opinions are my own.

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