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Top Ten Creepy Halloween Party Foods


Halloween is almost here, and I've been eyeballing a variety of potential treats and appetizers to bring to our friends' annual Monster Mash.

Last year I made one of my crowd favs, Sea Salted Caramel Popcorn, which is awesome (if I say so myself) but not that 'scary'. It's only terrifying in how easy it is to snarf back a huge amount of sugar and butter coated-corn in what seems like no time at all. I have happy party memories of my friend yelling "For the love of god, someone take this evil Crackcorn away from me, I've eaten like, half the bowl!!!"

If I have time this year, I'd like to try making something a little more 'on theme' and have been searching out scary and creepy party foods. Here are my favourite Top Ten from around the web, including one from me.

1. Horrifying Edible Intestines Raspberry Danish from right here at Devour & Conquer. These puff pastry treats look revolting and taste delicious, and are scary easy to make if you're in a hurry and need an easy Halloween dessert.


2. Green Cauldron Fondue from Betty Crocker. I love the vibrant colour of this most of all, totally off-putting for a dessert, which makes it just the right level of creepy. And you can't go wrong with Kahlua-flavour white chocolate.

3. Braaaainnnns! David Burtka's Pork Dumplings with Chili Sesame Sauce from Food & Wine Magazine look like a big challenge, as I've never made a pork dumpling from scratch before. But I can't deny I'm really tempted, and the recipe sounds amazing. 


4. Witches Fingers from Great recipe for funny/gross chicken fingers for a Halloween feast. I'd serve these with a side of marinara sauce to up the ewww factor.

5. Band-Aid Cookies. These revolting treats are all over the web, but has a great picture of how the finished product should look. Easy as hell to make, just graham crackers and white/red frosting.

6. Devilled Giant Spider Eggs from Canadian Living. I love the look of these eggs, they're not only creepy, they're also quite artistic and would look amazing on a Halloween buffet table. I have many Devilled Egg champion makers in my peer group, so I'm going to hope one of them tries this recipe. 

7. Vampire-friendly martini glass rimmer from Hostess with the Mostest. There aren't many ways to creep-up a cocktail, unless you're floating something alarming in it or have dry ice on-hand. But I do love this cocktail glass red candy rimmer recipe, just the right level of scary.

8. Stuffed Roaches. These disgusting pests are apparently really tasty if you can convince yourself to bite into them, dates stuffed with a cream cheese and walnut mixture. A variety of recipes for this kicking around, here's one. I might add a little cinnamon to the stuffing.

9. Adam's Ribs from Better Homes & Gardens. This appetizer is all about the visuals, any great rib recipe will work here - just add knife and red pepper for the proper effect. You can also go with a Beef Rib version for added eye-appeal (and appall).

10. Ghostly Lemon Cake Pops from Food & Wine Magazine. Granted, this last recipe borders on adorable and less creepy, but I think these would be great sticking out of a graveyard or caldron, and I really love lemon cake so I can't resist adding this to the list.

I carved my first pumpkin of the season last night, went for a 'devilish' look, and now I'm fully ready to bake some revoltingly tasty appetizers for our Monster Mash.

Happy Halloween party planning, all.

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ewwww - those band aids are awfully awesome!


First - great pumpkin!!

Second - LOVE all these ideas!! There's something about "scary" food and you found quite a few I'd never seen (that stuffed intestine looks AWESOME!!!!)