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Ugly vegetables are coming to Canada

Back in July a video from a French grocery store chain went viral around the world as Intermarche launched an Eat Ugly Vegetables campaign, encouraging people to purchase and eat blemished and misshapen fruits and vegetables (at a discount) to reduce food waste. And now Canada is joining in the ugly produce fun.

I was happy to read this morning that Loblaws is launching a Naturally Imperfect line of vegetables & fruits, selling the funny looking potatoes and apples that people might judge less than palatable just because of the way they look. Ontario and Quebec will be the first ones to see Naturally Imperfect fruits and veggies, selling at a 30% discount, and there are hopes to go nation-wide if response and sales are positive.

I wish every grocery store had a Ugly Produce section, I would buy weird looking, cheaper veggies and fruits any day. If I'm making a pretty tart, I might buy a pretty apple, but if I'm making a good ol two crust apple pie, why on earth should I care what the outside peel (that I'm going to remove) or shape looks like? Misshapen, funny-looking potatoes make the same fluffy mashed potatoes that the sexy perfect spherical ones makes. It's time to rethink the way we decide what we bring into our kitchens and this is a good step in the right direction.

Read all about the new Naturally Imperfect launch in the Toronto Star here.

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