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Fresh Roma Tomato Marinara Sauce


It's another Windset Wednesday here on Devour & Conquer and today I'm focusing on Windset Roma Tomatoes and sharing a recipe to create a from-scratch, homemade Fresh Tomato Marinara sauce.

Using ripe Roma tomatoes rather than canned brings subtle sweetness and a big burst of fresh flavour to th…

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Holiday Stuffing-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

As a huge mushroom lover, I'm so proud to have my first guest post on Mushrooms Canada today. I'm sharing a recipe for Holiday Stuffing-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms, an eye-catching side dish that's a great way to bring the largest cultivated mushrooms in Canada to your festive table.

There are als…

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Sweet Bell Pepper Hummus Trio with Windset Farms

Bringing bright colours and big flavours to your appetizer table, this Roasted Sweet Pepper Hummus Trio recipe is quick and easy to prepare, and creates an eye-catching snack for family and friends.

I'm thrilled to share that today is Devour & Conquer's first Windset Farms Wednesday post, and mor…

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Pickled Tarragon Mushrooms and Shallots

Pickling mushrooms with tarragon and shallots is a simple way to both preserve and transform them into a sophisticated addition to appetizers and tapas platters.

It's fall on the west coast, and with enough rain (and then some!) falling on my beautiful island, mushroom season has officially begun. …

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Halloween Recipe Ideas

Oh Halloween, I do love you. So many happy memories of Trick or Treating as a little girl, epic costume making nights for my son when he was little. Now I've got a great group of west coast friends who love Halloween as much as I do, and we get together to costume it up and chow down on weird, cre…

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Garden Tomato Parm-ageddon Pie

This weekend my foodie friends and I celebrated our 4th annual Pie Party, and it was a feast. Twenty two different sweet and savoury pies, cobblers and crumbles of every imaginable flavour. We ate like kings, then judged and voted for our favourites.

Instead of going to the grocery store for my pie…

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Herb-infused Quinoa & Avocado Salad

It's time for another Herbamare recipe post using Zesty Herb-Infused Sea Salt as part of June's "How Do You Herbamare?" food blogger recipe challenge with A. Vogel's herb-infused sea salt.

A flavourful and nutrient-rich alternative to plain table salt, Herbamare is made from freshly harvested herb…

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Herb-Infused Sea Salt Soft Prezels

It's a sea salt & herb-flavoured June this year, as 30 food bloggers across Canada answer the question "How do you #Herbamare", creating new recipes using Herbamare Herb-Infused Sea Salt.

I've been having a blast experimenting and I'm happy to share one of my recipe winners - Herb-Infused Sea Sal…

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The Maple Nut Crosby Canuck Cookie

There's something so satisfying about a chewy, moist and flavour-packed molasses cookie. Crosby's Molasses recently put a call out to Food Bloggers of Canada members to create a new cookie recipe using the classic Canadian molasses we all know and love, and I had a great time creating a tribute to…

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Live Below The Line - Affordable Recipes

When I started the Live Below the Line Poverty Awareness Challenge this week, I put out a call to my fellow Food Bloggers of Canada members and asked if they had any affordable recipe links to share. Here are some great cheap recipes to help out when your food budget gets tight.

I created a fil…

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Wallet-friendly Potato Bacon Soup

When planning to participate in the Live Below The Line Challenge, I thought long and hard about what kinds of things I both wanted to make and eat. Planning a five day menu for seven people on $1.75 per person, per day is very difficult, which is why this helps raise awareness of how tough it is …

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Rainbow Chard Lentil Dal

Having lived in Saskatchewan for fourteen years before moving to Vancouver Island, I've watched the humble and uber-healthy Canadian Lentil go from being an under-used pulse crop to a rising star appearing on top restaurant's menus and re-popularizing classic international lentil recipes that show…

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Bacon Caesar Salad from scratch in 15 minutes

I love this Bacon Caeser Salad recipe, it's quick to make and crammed with great textures and flavours all infused with bacon-y goodness. This recipe also introduces one of my favourite recent inventions - Bacon-Fried Cripsy Capers - tiny, crunchy blooms that explode with salty spice when bitten i…

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Kale and Quinoa 'Pasta' Salad


Trying to cook seasonally in the winter is a lot more difficult than the summer, obviously. My backyard kitchen garden is still sleeping, except for a few brave green kale and swiss chard plants that have continued to put out new leaves all winter through snow and frost.

I'm trying not to pic…

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Thai Kitchen launches the Lucky 7 Recipe Contest


2014 has begun and with it comes The Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar on January 31st. To celebrate, Thai Kitchen has launched an exciting recipe contest with seven Celebrity Food Bloggers from across Canada competing to create new Global Mash-up recipes using Thai Kitchen products in t…

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Lemon Lovers Shortbread Cookies

'Tis the season for eating cookies with abandon, which also means it's Cookie Exchange season. I love my Vancouver Island group of friends who bake up a storm every year, then get together for appetizers, drinks and cookie eating and exchanging.

I nearly didn't participate this year, as I've had …

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Tons o' Mushrooms Beef Stroganoff


Marriages are a funny thing when it comes to food. My husband Jay has been incredibly supportive of my food writing experiments and adventures, and he certainly reaps the rewards as my cooking gets better over the years.

But all couples will have at least a few differing opinions on food, and B…

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Bacon Sage Stuffins (Stuffing Muffins)

As part of my recent cooking experiment with roasting a Turducken for the first time, I wanted to include a fun side dish with our dinner - one that was on 'theme' with things being stuffed inside other things.

As a festive turkey/duck/chicken and stuffing go hand in hand, I decided to try out a c…

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Horrify friends with edible Halloween Intestines

I was bound and determined to try one of my Top Ten Creepy Halloween party Foods to bring to my friends Anna & Jake's annual Monster Mash party. (That's Anna posing with the intestines above, rocking a chicken costume this year)

I decided to go with the 'Stuffed Intestines' made with puff pastry …

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Top Ten Creepy Halloween Party Foods


Halloween is almost here, and I've been eyeballing a variety of potential treats and appetizers to bring to our friends' annual Monster Mash.

Last year I made one of my crowd favs, Sea Salted Caramel Popcorn, which is awesome (if I say so myself) but not that 'scary'. It's only terrifying in ho…

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