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RISOTTOBALLS - Product Review and Giveaway

When a new Italian product pops up on the Canadian market, I'm always intrigued as I can never get enough of those classic flavours. When it's a product made right here in British Columbia making its debut across Canada in 2013, all the better!

RISOTTOBALLS are a unique new Italian appetizer created by Moccia & Urbani, made right here in BC and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to try them out and share my thoughts.

When imagining the perfect risotto oozing with creaminess and spreading across the plate, it's hard to see how all that tastiness could be compacted into an appetizer-sized bite. But RISOTTOBALLS was up to the challenge, and has created crispy, cheesy, breaded risotto balls that have all the flavour and texture of a perfect risotto, rolled up into in a bite-sized package.

Using the highest quality Carnaroli risotto rice, combined with classic Italian flavours and irresistibly stretchy cheese, RISOTTOBALLS come in a variety of choices - Porcini Mushroom, Italian Sausage, Primavera Vegetable, Tomato & Sausage Ragu and Mozzarella.

I enjoyed all the different RISOTTOBALLS but the Mozzarella and Porcini Mushroom were my favourites. Both have simple, delicious flavours that showcase the creamy risotto itself, and are great dipped in a simple marinara sauce. The Italian Sausage was also excellent and a plate of those with a garden salad made for the perfect al fresco Friday dinner out on our deck. I didn't care for the Primavera Vegetable or Tomato & Sausage Ragu quite as much, but I think kids would really enjoy their familiar taste and my husband thought they were great, showing that discovering your own favourite flavour is all part of the fun.

The instructions for preparing the balls couldn't be easier - straight from the freezer into a 425 degree oven for 17 minutes. They are even microwavable, but you'll lose a little of the crispy texture. If you're a fan of melty baked mozzarella, leave the balls in the oven for an extra 2-3 minutes to make them split apart and sizzle, revealing the molten cheesiness within.

Whether you're a risotto novice or aficionado, these appetizers should be stocked in your freezer for summer parties and lazy afternoons in the sunshine.  They're as different as they are delicious and it's great to see such a high-quality product coming out of British Columbia to fill a niche for Canadians who love Italian flavours.


Want to try these new balls of tastiness for yourself? RISOTTOBALLS has generously provided two assorted cases of their balls that they will ship right to the doors of two lucky Devour & Conquer Canadian readers. To enter, post a comment below saying "I want to try RISOTTOBALLS with Devour & Conquer".

For an extra Twitter entry, tweet: I want to try @RISOTTOBALLS with @devourNconquer: on your Twitter feed and add a link to your tweet in the comments below. Contest closes on June 5th at 12pm PT and is open to Canadians. Contest winners will be contacted by email. Good luck!

To find RISOTTOBALLS at a store near you, visit their website.

To keep up on the latest news of the Balls, follow @MocciaUrbani on Twitter and you'll also get the latest on Moccia & Urbani's dry-cured salumeria.


Disclaimer: Devour & Conquer was provided with an assortment of RISOTTOBALLS for review. All opinions are unbiased and entirely those of the author.

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I want to try RISOTTOBALLS with Devour & Conquer!

I want to try RISOTTOBALLS with Devour & Conquer!