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bioSnacky Sprouter Challenge Update: Days 2 to 4


After setting up my sprouter for the Ten Day bioSnacky Sprout Growing Challenge, I've had a busy weekend which included both celebrating my birthday and bike racing in a local team triathlon in the pouring Vancouver Island rain. Haven't had much time for gardening or plant care in general, so it's a good thing the bioSnacky sprouter basically takes care of itself.

All three kinds of seeds are up and sprouting, the seeds began to split within hours of the first watering and there has been a steady increase in growth over the first four days. The pictures below show the difference in growth between Day 2 and Day 4.


The spicy Radish Sprouts have developed long, fuzzy roots and fat stems over the past two days. Some people confuse normal sprout root growth with mold, but if you look closely, it's easy to see that this is a natural part of how the sprouts grow, sending out hundreds of tiny white offshoots from each roots as they grow.

The Fitness Mix is looking especially interesting, as the large green Mung Beans are now growing strong, the wheat has all sprouted and the white radish seeds are well on their way as well. I think this blend of sprouts is going to be really good on salads. I'll find out soon enough!


The classic Alfalfa is starting to look, well... classic.  It's becoming a nice thick pile of sprouts that fill the entire growing tray and just starting to fill out the green tops today, there's a green 'mist' of colour over the sprouts for the first time. I'm planning on making homemade bagels the day the Alfalfa is ready to eat, and will be re-creating the first time I realized how amazing alfalfa can be on a bagel with my Havarti, Alfalfa and Tomato Bagel. Coming soon...

For the most part, the bioSnacky Sprouter has been a dream to use. The "set it and forget it" style of growing will appeal to anyone, and the one daily 'chore' of watering I actually find quite soothing, and I love watching the water filtering down through all the levels of sprouts.

The one issue I have had is that sprouting seeds can sneak under the red siphon filters and block the drainage tube, leaving water sitting in the tray (not a good thing). I've been using a wooden BBQ skewer to pop out the errant seeds and get the flow going again, which is quite simple. I think a wire mesh inside the siphon would be a good future upgrade to prevent seed blockage.

The funnest part of the 10 Day Challenge is only days away... the eating part! Stay tuned.

Here's my post on setting up the bioSnacky Sprouter for the Challenge if you missed it.

If you'd like to read updates on how the 10 Day Sprouting Challenge is going across Canada, check out the hashtag #bioSnackySprouts on Twitter, follow my @devourNconquer twitter page and bioSnacky's parent company A. Vogel @AVogel_ca for updates along the way.


Disclosure: I have been provided with a bioSnacky Sprouter System from A.Vogel for review, but have not been compensated for my participation in the 10 day challenge. All opinions of this product are unbiased and entirely my own.


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