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Where to Eat on Vancouver Island - Oceanside

I'm happy to be back again as a guest blogger with Food Bloggers of Canada as part of their 2015 cross-country restaurant round-up featuring great places to eat across Canada. When you're looking to really get into the food of a city or region, these overviews are a great way to catch of glimpse of what's for lunch, brunch and dinner coast to coast.

My latest feature focuses on the Oceanside area of Central Vancouver Island, including the cities of Parksville and Qualicum Beach and nearby communities of French Creek, Errington and Coombs. After living all across Canada, we chose this area filled with rainforests, mountains and ocean as our home eight years ago and I'm proud to be able to share some great local places to try eclectic west coast cuisine, unique treats, and experience Vancouver Island farm-to-table dining.

The restaurant landscape has changed quite a bit in the past few years in Oceanside, with innovative new locally-focused spots like Radius Food Co., Taste Cafe & Bistro and Island SodaWorks along with tried-and-true local favourites like Amrikko's Fine Indian Cuisine and The Rod & Gun Bar and Grill (one of the oldest spots on VI, open since 1898!) that have stood the test of time and continue to makes great lunches, brunches and dinners for locals and visitors to this tourist-friendly area.

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Where to Eat in Oceanside on Vancouver Island.

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