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Help God's Little Acre Farm feed those in need

God's Little Acre Farm in Surrey, British Columbia is a beautiful thing - a volunteer-run farm that grows food for those in need. And they grow it well - in the past four years they have donated a whopping 420,000 pounds of fresh, BC-grown produce to those less fortunate.

And they're just getting started - the man behind this incredible effort, Jas Singh, wants to increase production and fill more of the vacent acres available to farm with vegetable plants. Singh runs God's Little Acre with the help of volunteers, some for a few days, others returning throughout the season to help grow crops from seed to harvest. He has a shoestring budget coming from his own pocket and uses the proceeds on the onsite farmstard and donations to keep production going (and expanding!).

But this year the farm needs tractors to grow more food for hungry individuals and charity organizations. And those of us that are lucky enough to live above the poverty line can help with donations to the God's Little Acre GoFundMe crowd-funding project. Raising a total of $50,000 will allow the farm to purchase two tractors and the fuel to run them for a season, allowing this inspirational little farm to grow so much more produce for those in need. They have a goal for growing 150,000 pounds of fresh food to donate this year, and you can be a part of their success.

Skip a take-out meal this week and donate the money to God's Little Acre instead, let's show Jas Singh and the entire God's Little Acre volunteer family that Canada supports their efforts to be part of the solution to hunger in our country!

Visit the God's Little Acre GoFundMe Page here and make a donation, every dollar helps.

Visit the God's Little Acre website here.

Learn more about God's Little Acre and how your donation will help from Jas Singh in the video below.

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