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Love them BC apples...

I was just searching through my food photography pictures for a new background for my Devour and Conquer Twitter feed, and came across a great series of shots I took at the last Okanagan Food and Wine Writers Conference. We were lucky enough to visit one of the oldest apple orchards in Canada, where we picked our own apples in the pouring rain, then went inside to do an apple and local bubbly wine pairing from 8th Generation Vineyard in Summerland.

A quick note on that pairing - it was as unexpected as it was brilliant. The BC Tree Fruits representatives had joined with 8th Generation Vineyard to pair different varieties of fresh BC fruit with 8th Generation's Frizzante. The Frizzante already has notes of red apple and pear, and the white wine's bubbly personality matched shockingly well with the sliced apples, pears and other fruits. I plan on serving this pairing at a future summer garden party - fruit and frizzante = fantastic.

As apple trees burst into blossom all over British Columbia this spring, it's nice to have a reminder of what's coming - love love love all the fresh and local food options of the West Coast!

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