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Snacks by Mail - A Snackbox Review & Giveaway

If you're an adventurous Canadian foodie who loves snacks and enjoys fun packages delivered to your door, Snackbox is for you.

This new subscription service is available nation-wide, sending a monthly snack box crammed with 10-12 unique and healthy snack choices to your door. There are 1, 3 and 6…

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Suja Juice Cleanse giveaway (US residents)

Are you curious about juice cleanses? Want to fill your fridge with fresh and healthy organic cold-pressed juices?

Suja Juice has kindly extended a giveaway to all Devour & Conquer readers in the US (sorry, Canadians, this one's just for your neighbours to the south). Enter below and one winner wil…

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Trying a Suja Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

I try to make most of what I cook at home from scratch, we eat lots of fresh things grown in my kitchen garden and found at local markets, and make an effort to eat as seasonally as we can. Does this mean my husband and I eat right all the time? Certainly not, I'm as guilty as the next person of i…

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Turf n' Turf n' Turf - A Turducken Review

Ah, Turducken - TURkey stuffed with DUCK stuffed with chickEN, hence the name. We've all heard the legendary stories of this triple stuffed fowl extravaganza. I've always been curious, but never taken the leap myself. Then Echelon Foods contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing a pr…

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DIY Olive Oil Tasting Party

Ah, olive oil. We use in our cooking, we drizzle it on our salads, but do we really take the time to think about what kinds of olive oils we like, and what flavours best match our personal preferences?

California Olive Ranch, the largest North American grower and processor of olive oils, wants to c…

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Pies cookbook review and giveaway

Holiday baking can either be a joy or a chore (or a little of both...), but trust-worthy recipes make all the difference when you're juggling a higher than usual number of dishes around the holidays.

A new Canadian cookbook has come to the rescue of home cooks with a gorgeous new resource focused…

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Simple & Crisp fruit crackers review and recipes

One of the new snacks of 2013 that I had the pleasure of sampling at the International Food Bloggers Conference was launched in Seattle just 10 months ago - Simple & Crisp dried fruit crisps.

I was kindly sent a variety of fruit crisps to try at home, with an invitation to create some perfect pairi…

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Goodbye, Vancouver Island - Hello IFBC in Seattle

I'm heading south tomorrow, leaving behind my beautiful Vancouver Island for the weekend to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle, Washington.

I've been looking forward to this conference since registering almost a year ago, and it's hard to believe the food and writing-fil…

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Fried Green Confessions

I have a confession. A tomato-related confession. I just don't get what everyone loves about fried green tomatoes.

This is somewhat frustrating for someone who has a glut of green tomatoes coming out of my kitchen garden each year. Last year I successfully made a fabulous Green Tomato & Tomatillo…

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A cheesy yet catchy birthday tribute to Julia Child

The queen of Mastering the art of French Cooking's birthday on August 15, and her legacy lives on in every single person who learns from her recipes and discovers the true pleasure of cooking.

The autotune fad that bombarded the internet was pretty damn stupid, but it did produce one of my favourit…

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The International Food Bloggers Conference is coming to Seattle


It's been an exciting year of food writing-related travels, as I've had the pleasure of attending Eat Write Retreat in Philadelphia and the Wine Bloggers Conference in British Columbia's Okanagan Wine Country. But the big kahuna of food blogger events this year is yet to come, just down the Paci…

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Bacon by the truckload from Extreme Eatz Food Truck

It's time for August's cross-country Restaurant Roundup from Food Bloggers of Canada writers and in keeping with summer travels and vacations, this month's theme is Food Trucks!

Vancouver Island's roadways are slowly being filled with a variety of restaurants on wheels, with the famous orange Tacof…

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Portabella Mushroom & Garlic White Pizza

Ah mushrooms, I can't count the different ways that I love you. My passion has led me right out into the forests of Vancouver Island to forage for wild Chanterelles, and I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate any and all varieties into my cooking.

When Fresh wrote to me rece…

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A Canadian's first Philly Cheese Steak experience

When I told my friends and family I was going to Philadelphia for the Eat Write Retreat food writing workshop, the most popular response was "Are you going to try a Philly Cheese Steak?", to which my response was "Hell, yes!"

But the weekend was packed with engaging sessions and activities withou…

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Off to Eat. Write.Retreat in Philadelphia

I'll be hopping on a series of cross-country flights later this week to attend Eat.Write.Retreat in Philadelphia, where I'll be spending the weekend with foodie writers from across North America exploring great cooking, photography, products and writing... along with lots of eating, of course! And…

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Sour Cream & Chive Potato Mini Buns

I am a very lucky food blogger to be attending my very first Eat.Write.Retreat weekend in Philadelphia at the end of this month, showcasing great cooking, photography and writing with valuable connections within the food community.

One of the fun things that EWR does to get attendees fired up in …

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The aroma of freshly roasted Karma Coffee


Vancouver Island is definitely a thriving part of the west coast coffee culture, as seen in the wide variety of independent coffee shops and roasteries that can be found throughout the Island.

The Oceanside area of central Vancouver Island is lucky to have just such a business right in their back…

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Okanagan Food & Wine Writers Workshop showcases Kelowna this April

Have you always dreamed of writing about food and wine, but have never known quite where to start? Or are you a well-seasoned writer who needs a little inspiration to keep your stories fresh in 2013? Then the Okanagan Food & Wine Writers Workshop (OKFWWW) is just the thing to sink your teeth into …

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How does Canadian food taste in space?

Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently living in space aboard ISS as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34, reports on how the taste of food changes in space, and shows off his 'out of this world' collection of Canadian comfort foods.

 Love that he doesn't really need to hold the microphone!

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Retro cookbooks are cheap & tasty entertainment

When I was a little girl I would spend hours pouring over photographs in my mother's cookbooks. I was fascinated by the art that could be created with food, although at a young age that just translated to page after page of "Mmmmmm, I want some of that..."

As an adult, I've had lots of fun hunting …

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