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Horrify friends with edible Halloween Intestines

I was bound and determined to try one of my Top Ten Creepy Halloween party Foods to bring to my friends Anna & Jake's annual Monster Mash party. (That's Anna posing with the intestines above, rocking a chicken costume this year)

I decided to go with the 'Stuffed Intestines' made with puff pastry …

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Top Ten Creepy Halloween Party Foods


Halloween is almost here, and I've been eyeballing a variety of potential treats and appetizers to bring to our friends' annual Monster Mash.

Last year I made one of my crowd favs, Sea Salted Caramel Popcorn, which is awesome (if I say so myself) but not that 'scary'. It's only terrifying in ho…

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A Canadian Cookie Collection

Food Bloggers of Canada have a new board up on Pinterest this week, featuring a collection of cookie recipes from food bloggers across Canda. Go peruse the electic variety of recipes coming from sea to shining sea, then try one (or two... or five... no judgement here!).

Follow this link to the cook…

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Baking for fun: National Grilled Cheese Day

When I heard that today is the silly yet delicious-sounding National Grilled Cheese Day, I decided to bake a mega loaf of bread. And it worked!

This one loaf contains the dough of three regular sized loaves of bread and is almost a foot tall. I can't wait to see what the Grilled Cheeses I make fr…

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Holiday Fireball Mulled Cider


Happy Holidays from Devour and Conquer! Thanks to all my new readers, I appreciate your support and look forward to sharing my foodie experiences with you in 2013.

One of my favourite holiday drinks has got to be mulled cider, from my Ontario childhood chugging fresh local cider standing right …

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Christmas Meringues, the angelic holiday cookie

It's that time again, the season where cookies and baked goods are popping up everywhere, tempting us with their festive tastiness.

I'm lucky enough to have a great group of baking friends out here on the Island, and we meet up each December for an annual cookie exchange and tasting competition. T…

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New cookie making in progress...

My local group of friends has a record 18 people coming to our yearly holiday cookie exchange this year. So I'm neck-deep in ingredients and fighting the humidity of a west coast rainy day (anti-meringue making weather) as I whip up 17 dozen meringue cookies, plus more for the tasting competition. R…

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Gift Ideas - Print your own personalized cookbook

I recently came across a unique gift idea - designing and printing your own personalized cookbook online. I like the idea that it documents great family recipes with personalized pictures for a Christmas gift that's both useful and meaningful. has shared a great deal with all you lovely foo…

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Mojito Cocktail Cookies


I'll admit it. I have an on-going love affair with Mojito cocktails and my devotion knows no bounds. I love them so much I actually started growing my own mint so I could make them more often, and have been known to show up at summer parties with a bag full of limes, a bottle of rum and a hand…

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Épis de Blé - a Thanksgiving-worthy baguette

I had the privilege of being invited to a Thanksgiving feast potluck at a Central Vancouver Island farm yesterday, the very place I buy my amazing vegetable plants each spring, in fact. My friends who own this farm have begun the Thanksgiving weekend tradition of throwing a huge potluck feast in o…

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All Hail Doughvember!

The more Twitter foodie people I follow, the more excited I get about what's happening with food conversations on social media.

A great example of this is searching up the hashtag #doughvember. Yes, it's a play on the Movember Movement: where men grow a mustache in the…

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