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Wallet-friendly Potato Bacon Soup

When planning to participate in the Live Below The Line Challenge, I thought long and hard about what kinds of things I both wanted to make and eat. Planning a five day menu for seven people on $1.75 per person, per day is very difficult, which is why this helps raise awareness of how tough it is …

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Getting ready to Live Below the Line


Next week is going to be a big challenge for this foodie, but I'm excited to see how it goes as I participate in the Live Below the Line Challenge - a world-wide fundraising initiative of the Global Poverty Project and Micronutrient Initiative. Myself and a group of six other brave Vancouver Isl…

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Bacon Caesar Salad from scratch in 15 minutes

I love this Bacon Caeser Salad recipe, it's quick to make and crammed with great textures and flavours all infused with bacon-y goodness. This recipe also introduces one of my favourite recent inventions - Bacon-Fried Cripsy Capers - tiny, crunchy blooms that explode with salty spice when bitten i…

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Pizza will never be "Meh"

The New York Times is dealing with what they obvious find to be an entertaining public and online backlash after putting pizza on their 'Meh' list on January 24th. Here's the original list:

1. “Hope you are staying warm”*
2. Pressi…

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Thai Kitchen launches the Lucky 7 Recipe Contest


2014 has begun and with it comes The Year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar on January 31st. To celebrate, Thai Kitchen has launched an exciting recipe contest with seven Celebrity Food Bloggers from across Canada competing to create new Global Mash-up recipes using Thai Kitchen products in t…

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Tons o' Mushrooms Beef Stroganoff


Marriages are a funny thing when it comes to food. My husband Jay has been incredibly supportive of my food writing experiments and adventures, and he certainly reaps the rewards as my cooking gets better over the years.

But all couples will have at least a few differing opinions on food, and B…

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Top Ten Creepy Halloween Party Foods


Halloween is almost here, and I've been eyeballing a variety of potential treats and appetizers to bring to our friends' annual Monster Mash.

Last year I made one of my crowd favs, Sea Salted Caramel Popcorn, which is awesome (if I say so myself) but not that 'scary'. It's only terrifying in ho…

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Bacon-wrapped Rosemary Pork Loin on the BBQ

Summer's not over quite over yet, and the upcoming long weekend is the perfect time to fire up the barbeque and make a meal to remember. And I've got just the meal to try, packed with herb-y flavour, easy to prepare and, frankly, pretty dang fun to both make and eat - Bacon-Wrapped Rosemary Pork L…

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A Canadian Cookie Collection

Food Bloggers of Canada have a new board up on Pinterest this week, featuring a collection of cookie recipes from food bloggers across Canda. Go peruse the electic variety of recipes coming from sea to shining sea, then try one (or two... or five... no judgement here!).

Follow this link to the cook…

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Lazy Saturday Veggie Udon Stir-fry

I've been busy with a bunch of projects that have kept me stuck to the computer all morning, and by lunch I was bleary-eyed and under-motivated to cook.

Puttering around the kitchen, I noticed that my latest batch of sprouts in my BioSnacky Sprouter were ready to be harvested, especially the quick…

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Stewed Rhubarb with Ginger and Lime

What's in season right now for spring? Rhubarb!

Popping up in gardens, grocery stores and farmer's markets, rhubarb is suddenly everywhere. When I see it I automatically think 'Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie', but local strawberries aren't quite ready to go yet so rhubarb hasn't really been on my rad…

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Sour Cream & Chive Potato Mini Buns

I am a very lucky food blogger to be attending my very first Eat.Write.Retreat weekend in Philadelphia at the end of this month, showcasing great cooking, photography and writing with valuable connections within the food community.

One of the fun things that EWR does to get attendees fired up in …

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Fresh spring pesto with cashews

Spring seems to finally be arriving across Canada, some of you had quite a rough one this year. Celebrate the return of the colour green to your life with a batch of fresh pesto from your own kitchen.

It's a great time to plant basil in your garden (or 'plant' a few containers on a kitchen shelf) …

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Pass the Pasta Puttanesca, please

Sometimes learning a new recipe is a 'monkey see, monkey do' experience for me. I watch a celebrity chef making something on a cooking show, and I instantly want to try it myself, just to see what it tastes like or to test a claim made about the dish by the chef.

In this case, I came across an o…

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Persian Rice with Canadian Beef

I was lucky enough to grow up in a very eclectic area of Ontario that included both new immigrants and refugees arriving to start a new life in Canada. Welcoming new families to our community and getting to know their culture, I was even more lucky to be able to sample and share their internationa…

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Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Spread

The perfect buffalo wing is a beautiful thing, searing hot from the deep frier, crispy and spicy and saucy all at once.

Sadly, real life does not allow for every night to be wing night, no matter how much my husband wishes it would. But with a little inventiveness, there's a simple way to mimic t…

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Spicy Lime Kale Chips

Kale. For years, known to me only as that weird green cabbage-esque plate garnish, might be edible but why bother?

It turns out all I had to do to fall in love was put it in the oven...

Kale chips are a revelation to almost everyone who tries them. Baking this uber-healthy leaf instantly turns a…

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Chewy Peanut Butter Cocoa Cookies

I am a chewy cookie lover and I'm always seeking out recipes for a cookie that stays moist and chewy, but still has great flavour and nicely crisped edges. Finally - success!

I've been working on variations of this Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe to find the perfect combination of chewy, softy an…

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Creating a personalized wild sourdough starter


I've spent the last few years learning how to make a variety of breads at home, and one of my proudest achievements was successfully creating my very own sourdough starter for making bread. 

I decided to go old-school with the sourdough technique, very old-school in fact, without using any pur…

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Apple Butter made with local fruit

As someone who is trying to learn how to cook everything (one thing at a time), when someone offers me access to extra homegrown fruits and vegetables, I'm in heaven. When my friend called me and said "Want to come and pick the rest of my backyard apples, there's too many!" I was there, with a baske…

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